• About Namrta Mohan

    About Namrta Mohan

    I am a registered Psychotherapist (RP) , and Founding Director of Talk Heals Psychotherapy, Canada. I am registered with College Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

    In addition I am also a member in good standing with Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP)

    In my journey, I have continued to add to my education and training.

    To my credit I am certified with CBT.

    I am a certified Clinical Traumatologist.

    ​I have attended numerous seminars, conferences, workshops and webinars to continue to add my knowledge & skills.

    My journey in the field of mental health began more than a decade ago. After attaining my master’s degree in psychology, I began my career as a psychotherapist. During my professional journey I realized the extent of stigma that was attached to the field of mental health.
    I challenged stigma and myths about mental health and in the process I appeared on television and radio shows, and wrote about mental health in a national English daily.

    During my interactions with individuals, couples and families, I realized that each one of us bears emotional wounds on regular basis. It is amazing how most of us are quick at seeking treatment for physical ailments, but failed to do so for emotional pain and damage.

    Majority of us are not able to recognize emotional and psychological distress. We forget that, physical bruises are easier to treat, but emotional agony, leaves a long lasting scar, on one’s happiness, harmony and productivity.

    There is an intersectionality between mental health issues and lack of emotional education. Many sink into depression, suffer with anxiety, or shut down, because they have suffered low self -esteem, or have developed negative self-image, compounded by self-limiting beliefs, I understand cultural aspect of both East and West side of the globe. Uniqueness of my work is holistic lens I bring to my therapy work. This gives me an insight to provide culturally competent therapy.

    ​My work is governed by anti-racism and anti-oppression framework.
    Privacy and confidentiality are the core mandates of my practice.