Starting November 1,2023 all psychotherapy and coaching services will be provided only virtually.
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    Clinical Supervision

    Clinical Supervision (CS) is an imperative aspect of training of counsellors, psychotherapists, and students aiming to be psychotherapists. CS is a great opportunity to:

    • Refine clinical skills
    • Learn to engage in ‘Safe & Effective Use of Self’
    • Focus on professional growth
    • Develop unique therapeutic style
    • Gain insight into resolving ethical dilemmas
    • Develop effective treatment plans
    • Learning to choose appropriate therapeutic modality
    • Learn to branch out in your private practice
    • Most important, emphasis to ensure, client’s safety/ interest as the priority

    I provide CS to:

    • Practicing psychotherapists
    • Qualifying psychotherapists looking to complete supervision hours for the licensing purposes (100 hours).

    My approach to CS is well informed by holistic standpoint, and cultural context. I incorporate lens of various intersectionality (race, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, educational backgrounds) around social aspects impacting human behaviour.

    I am straightforward as a supervisor and like to keep things very transparent in order to maintain this relationship of Supervisor and Supervisee, free from any power dynamics.  I would like to see you grow as a psychotherapist and branch out as an independent practioner in your private practice, if you would like to go in that direction.

    I am happy to schedule a15 minutes free consultation with you, if you would like to see if we are the right fit as Supervisor and Supervisee, or if you have questions around supervision.

    Fee for Supervision:

    Individual supervision – $100/- (60 minutes)

    Group supervision – $70/- (60 minutes)